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      Since its inception in 2004, Farapack has undertaken more than 400 industrial projects and helped its UK and global clients to develop novel polymer technologies and solve polymer processing and formulation issues across a diverse range of sectors and industries.


      • High temperature composites
      • 3D printing evaluation and testing


      • High performance bearing coatings
      • Impact modified, reinforced and light-weight parts
      • Oils and lubricants


      • Material selection and consultancy
      • Elastomeric roof coatings and decorative coatings
      • Testing of construction products to British and ASTM standards


      • Lubricating Gels and Hydrogels
      • Product Analysis
      • Device Coatings
      • Dental Products
      • Sensors for Immunodiagnostic Devices

      Printing & Security Inks

      • Ink-jet inks for 3D printing applications
      • Problem solving adhesion and contamination issues in printing and packaging
      • Bank-note and security inks

      Energy & Environment

      • Bio-based and renewable polymers
      • Polymers for agrichemical delivery
      • Photovoltaics
      • Materials for Energy Storage

      Oil & Gas

      • Polymers for enhanced oil recovery
      • Surfactants and emulsifiers
      • Field Joint Coatings

      Home & Personal Care

      • Product development for foot care
      • Analysis of skin care products
      • Development of product efficacy assessment methods