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      We provide services across a broad range of market sectors. We typically support our Industrial Clients in the following ways:

      Research and Consultancy

      Research and consultancy is at the heart of the services we offer.

      Farapack offers both desk-based and laboratory-based services. We routinely undertake technical feasibility studies, material assessment studies and academic consultancy for our clients. Farapack has the resources and expertise to answer your company’s questions and to formulate effective solutions to your polymer problems.

      Our services have helped our industrial clients to scope and de-risk future in-house development projects, enabling them to save time and money during the development process.


      Polymer Synthesis

      Farapack employs polymer chemists with practical experience in a broad range of polymer synthesis techniques, allowing us to meet the synthesis requirements of a diverse global polymer industry.

      We specialise in bespoke polymer synthesis and polymer functionalisation. Our experts will work with you to select the appropriate materials, techniques and functionalities that will meet your specifications and match a desired end-use application.


      • Biobased / biorenewable polyesters and polyurethanes
      • High performance coatings for the automotive and aerospace industries
      • Dispersants and surfactants
      • Polymers for enhanced oil recovery

      Polymer Processing and Formulation

      • Melt Processing
        • Compounding with fillers and additives
        • Extrusion (sheets, tapes, filaments)
        • Injection moulding
      • Thermoset resins and composites
      • Coating and Paint Formulation
      From the production of thermoplastic or thermoset materials with specific properties to the formulation of solvent and aqueous based coatings; we have the expertise, facilities and networks to meet your needs.

      Please contact us with your processing and formulation requirements and let us assist you in your product development activities.

      Polymer Prototyping / Manufacturing

      Molded and Extruded Parts and Profiles, Paints and Coatings and 3D Printed Parts

      Farapack’s industrial projects are often taken from an initial concept through to a finished part, product or sample that a client can test in-house and validate using their internal procedures.

      Through our in-house facilities and through our networks we have access to sheet extrusion, injection moulding, additive manufacturing, composite manufacturing and non-woven fibre production. For paint and coating formulations or polymer synthesis scale-up we employ our 10L jacketed LARA™ reactor.

      Analysis and Testing

      • Mechanical Testing
      • Chemical Analysis
      • Surface Analysis and Microscopy
      • Thermal and UV Stability
      • Failure Analysis

      Farapack Polymers offers access to a wide selection of analytical techniques including state of the art facilities at the University of Sheffield.

      We provide detailed interpretation of test results and help translate these results into effective solutions for our clients.

      Project Management

      We have experience in the management and delivery of multi-party collaborative EU and UK projects.
      If you are an industrial partner or academic group looking to build consortia and apply for collaborative R&D funding please contact us to discuss in more detail.

      Intellectual Property Development

      Farapack has helped its clients to develop intellectual property and novel patented technologies across a broad range of industries including oil/gas, packaging, home and personal care, water management and automotive.

      We typically work on client owned IPR – on a fee for service basis, but we are open to joint development opportunities and joint exploitation of resulting IPR.